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All kinds of stuff you can do in Berlin

All kinds of stuff you can do in Berlin

In an metropolitan city like Berlin it’s easy to get lost between the endless sights. Here a few ideas on things

you can do to get the most out of the city: We’ve got it all: from museums to sightseeing tours to party tips!

Sights not to miss:

To see everything, you will probably never have enough time, except you’d move to Berlin. But thankfully the top sights are located around the same area like the Brandenburg Gate and the Bundestag. There are many different ways to discover Berlin e.g. on bike, foot, boat or even by air.

The classical Walking Tour:

There are many different guides offering daily tours showing you around the most important sights and areas in Berlin.  The probably most famous one is the “Berlin Free Walking Tour”, which covers the obvious you should know about Berlin within 2,5hrs. The tour is free but the mostly pretty entertaining and well informed guides don’t mind tips ;). Meeting point: 9am/11am/13pm/16pm, Starbucks at Brandenburger Tor

Boat / Bus / Bike Tours:

Not in the mood for walking? No problem, there are plenty of alternatives like discovering the city by boat. The boat tours, that are offered in Berlin take you along our beloved river Spree while passing beautiful sights. During one hour ride you can see a lot and relax at the same time (maybe even in the sun). A bus tour can be taken with or without a guide. The good thing hereby is, you can hop on and off wherever and whenever you like to. Maybe check beforehand what’s the top sights to be seen, so you can tick them off your list. For people who want to keep moving but stay outside can rent a bike and take a stroll through the city – FYI you can also do a guided bike tour, if you like that better! …or just take a walk by yourself through the big city jungle. Just get a map from the reception at your hostel and let them mark some points of interest for you and start your own little discovery tour. Sometimes they even have bikes you can rent.


There are countless museums around in the city but obviously you don’t want to spend all your time in museums. To make the decision easier here a little collection of the “old time favorites”:

Pergamon museum:

A great archeological museum, which inhabits many interesting collections of antiquities. The museum for Islamic art and the museum for Near Eastern culture belong to the complex and let you dive into forgotten arts and times.

The Pergamon Museum is one of the most famous in the world.
Way and the museum of islamic art together with the hall of the market gate of Millet is very impressive!

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DHM (German historic museum):

It shows the German history in pictures and artefacts. It also shows constantly changing exhibitions regarding the German history – a must for every interested in the history of Germany.

Alte Nationalgalerie (old national gallery):

It’s one of the greatest art museums in Berlin. The art collection of the Nationalgallerie you can find work from the classicism, the romantic, the Biedermeier period, the impressionism and the start of the contemporary arts.

Ticket Old National Gallery
Masterpieces of art are awaiting you at the Old National Gallery in Berlin

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Museum for film and television:

It’s one of 6 film museums in Germany and was opened in 2000 at Potsdamer Platz. For all lovers of moving images and who love to diver into the world of cinema.

Berlin parks:

If all the sightseeing is not your thing or too much for you don’t forget to relax! If the sun is out, you can enjoy the perks of Berin’s green parks that are everywhere around the city. …here some examples:

Volkspark Friedrichshain:
One of the biggest parks in Berlin, located in the district Friedrichshain. This park offers a variety of sports activities. There is also a open air cinema with café and lots of possibilities to relax and enjoy the nature around.

The biggest park in the middle of Berlin. If you’re on a stroll through the city center and need a break from shopping or sightseeing, just take a walk through the park or take a nap under a tree. It’s always worth it. There are little cafés and fountains everywhere. You will get back to the busy city way more relaxed. 

If you’re very interested in culture you can take a discovery tour through the countless theaters and operas in Berlin. You will surely find one of your taste and have a lovely evening to remember. The Maxim Gorki Theater is a small but famous theater for all kinds of literal subjects. It’s located directly in the city center at the river Spree and offers a comfortable little saloon to let yourself fall into another world for a couple of hours. The German opera is the most famous opera in Berlin and mesmerizes visitors over and over again. Also architectonically it’s a great work. It’s definitely worth a visit! Musical fans will feel like on Broadway in the “Theater des Westens” or in the “Theater am Potsdamer Platz”. The are a couple of constant shows but you can also find exciting new shows in the always changing program.

Berlin nightlife:

Every Berlin district has their own bar and restaurant scene, which means no matter where you are staying or going out you will be able to find your piece of cake. In summer, there additional beach bars, beer gardens and rooftop bars to find around the city. In Friedrichshain the most famous nightlife-strip is the Simon-Dach-Straße. You can choose from a collection of 150 bars … that’s not always easy but a little bar hopping will give you a broad overview.

In Mitte/Prenzlauer Berg we would recommend the beautiful Kastanienallee that invites not only to drink and to eat but also to stroll, because between all the delicious restaurants and bars there are little boutiques offering everything from sunglasses to shoes. And if you’re lucky you might even see the one or the other model or celebrity.

In Charlottenburg you can find the most famous street of the Westside of Berlin: the Kurfürstendamm! This area is a little upscale and definitely more expensive than many other Berlin districts. There are many big restaurants around, if you want to discover this part of the city I recommend the area around “Savignyplatz” as there are many small and cosy restaurants offering delicious food and drinks.

The Hackescher Markt -besides being a great place to visit for its yard complex- and its neighboring Oranienburger Straße offer many great places to have food and drinks. All in all, I guess I have to warn you: nightlife in Berlin is crazy! You can party 24/7/365, this city really never sleeps! There is not one day, you won’t find a party. But as tastes differ, so do parties and opening hours.

One of the most famous European clubs is the “Berghain” getting in is a gamble, some people wait in line for 2hrs just to get bounced at the door. But there are many great alternatives for all fans of electronic music. Here some good choices with better opportunities to get in: Wilde Renate, About Blank, Chalet, Sisyphus, Watergate.

For all lovers of Rock’n’Roll there is “Rock at Sage” every Thursday night. They have a band playing and different DJ’s playing on several floors. The music ranges from classic rock to metal. Other options for live shows are Wild at Heart, Cortina Bob, Bassy Cowboy Club or White Trash Fast Food.

For everyone who likes charts and mainstream music you can dance the night away in Soda Club or Matrix. Obviously there are many more choices like Jazz, Soul or Hip Hop. Berlin also offers many jam sessions for all musicians who want to get active.

If you can’t decide where to go and what to do it’s always a good idea to start with a nice dinner (to have a base) and have some drinks in a few bars … because the Berlin club scene won’t get going before 1-2am and can last until the early afternoon of the next day. The hardcore party crowd even stay the whole weekend and wonder from one party to the next without a break. Some people get sucked in and never get out! …but don’t you worry I’m sure you’ll make it ;)

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