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Visit the Viktoriapark in Berlin.
Visit the Viktoriapark in Berlin.

An oasis in Kreuzberg - the Viktoriapark

Viktoriapark is a popular green area in Berlin's Kreuzberg district.

At the heart of Viktoriapark is the 66-metre-high Kreuzberg, which gave the lively Berlin district its name. The park owes its name to the empress from the English royal family, who granted Germany only a short time. The landmark of the 16-hectare park is the Iron National Monument, which commemorates the wars of liberation between 1813 and 1815.
The park is laid out in an uncanny way and fascinates you again and again when you visit it. Different elements are integrated in the Viktoriapark. The mountain landscape, a steep, densely overgrown terrain. The rocky Wolf Gorge, with small waterholes everywhere. An artificially created waterfall, beautiful, underlines the impressive overall picture. The mountain reaches a height of 66 metres.
The Viktoria Park offers wonderful views for walkers and is a paradise for children.
Spacious sunbathing lawns, a spacious children's playground, an animal enclosure, a sports field and lots of adventures to search for fairies and goblins.
For the "big ones" there is a beer garden.
When the snow covers the hills, the sledges and skis are taken out and off you go to the Viktoriapark which invites you to toboggan and ski (with slope).

The Victoriapark in Berlin

Location & Sights nearby

The Viktoriapark is situated on the slopes of the Kreuzberg in the district of the same name. If you are not fed up with nature after visiting the Viktoria Park, you can combine your trip with one of the many surrounding parks. Within walking distance you will find the Park am Gleisdreieck in the north, the Tempelhofer Feld in the east and the Volkspark Hasenheide a little further on. To the north the park borders on the Mehringdamm. There you will find the best doner kebab in Berlin at Mustafa Döner Kebab and famous Curry 36


Brief history of the Victoriapark

The national monument for the victories in the liberation fights against Napoleon Bonaparte was designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. The monument is shaped like the tower of a Gothic cathedral. It stands on the highest hill in the park. At that time it was called "Tempelhofer Berg" or "Runder Weinberg". Schinkel had already planned to make everything around the monument green, but it was not until 70 years later.
Unfortunately, the park was severely damaged during the Second World War.

In 1980 the park was the first Berlin green area to be listed as a historical monument. The building was approved by the city council in 1891. The result was a natural park made of granite and limestone. On 14 October 1893, the complex was tested and inaugurated. 13,000 litres of water per minute are pumped up 24 metres.

A pond was built at the waterfall and a bronze sculpture has decorated the shore since 1896. "The rare catch" by Ernst Herter. The motif: A mermaid is caught in a fisherman's net.
Another monument was erected in May 2005 in Viktoriapark. "We have faces". The memorial is intended to commemorate all women who fell victim to rape. In 2002, a woman was attacked and raped by two men at the memorial site. The statue is part of the action "We have faces":

Address, opening hours ...

Address: Kreuzbergstraße,10965 Berlin
Opening times: always open
Connection: Bus: Bus: 140 (staion: Kreuzberg/Wasserfall), Bus: N42, N6 (station: Bergmannstraße), Bus: M19, N4 (station: Katzbachstraße)



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source: „Kreuzberg Berlin Viktoriapark Liegewiese“ von Manfred Brückels - Eigenes Werk. Lizenziert unter CC BY-SA 3.0 über Wikimedia Commons

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