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Visit the Peacock Island in Berlin.
Visit the Peacock Island in Berlin.

Berlin Travel Guide - Peacock Island

The probably most romantic place in Berlin, and an absolute insider tip for all park lovers!

Last week we set off for the first time to visit this beautiful spot and I must say we can't stop raving about it! The interesting thing right at the beginning was the ferry ride. As the Peacock Island is a nature reserve and has no bridge, we had to park our car in front of the pier. No problem! Because the parking lot is free! There is also a bus stop. The ferry costs 4 € and the entrance for the peacock island is included. For a few euros more, you can even take part in a guided tour of the castle.
The ferry departs every 10 - 20 minutes and the journey takes less than 2 minutes. When you arrive on the island, you are right in the middle of nature. Here and there are gardens and colourful flowers and plants. It probably won't take long until you meet the first peacock, because they're everywhere! They are actually very tame and come very close. The sight of this animal becomes so normal that the visitors and the peacocks walk along every day.


Pfaueninsel 2

There are many interesting buildings from the time of the empire to discover, such as the castle, the dairy and the church. There are also a number of benches and seats with fantastic views of the Havel. Many animals can be seen. In addition to the peacocks, there are also bulls, sheep, horses and chickens. We also liked the café in the middle of the island, right next to a large sunbathing lawn. Here you can order either coffee and cake or beer and bratwurst, sit on the benches or the meadow, and watch the peacocks do their work, simply wonderful!
So, if you want to experience something incomparable, this is the place for you! It is an ideal place to relax and at the same time a good opportunity to learn about the history of Berlin. Invite your partner on a romantic journey or bring the whole family with you on this fabulous island.
The peacocks welcome you warmly!

Peacock Island

Location & Sights nearby

he Pfaueninsel is a small island in the Havel in the southwest of Berlin, not far from the Wannsee. If you are planning to make a trip to Pfaueninsel, you should already plan a whole day. Alternatively, you can combine your trip with a visit to Wannsee, Nikolassee or Schlachtensee. Potsdam is also not very far away. 


Brief history of the Peacock Island

King Friedrich Wilhelm II was interested in this island around 1790 and bought it in 1793 from the Potsdam military orphanage for 217 thalers and 5 groschen. The court carpenter Brendel built the pleasure palace on the island from 1794 to 1796. Pfaueninsel becomes a hidden residence between Berlin and Potsdam. Only Friedrich Wilhelm IV lost interest in this place. In 1848 the island briefly served as a refuge for Prince William of Prussia, who fled to London via Hamburg after a stopover on Peacock Island during the March Revolution.

Peacock Island became a popular destination for Berliners and Potsdamers in 1830. The island has been a nature reserve since 1924. The Nazis, including Himmler and Göbbels, also liked to stay on the island and organised festivals and receptions on the island. At the end of the war in 1945, Peacock Island played a small role in transmitting Hitler's farewell message to his army. Today the island is a nature reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site and is carefully maintained by the Prussian Castles and Gardens Foundation.

Address, opening hours ...

Address: Pfaueninselchaussee 100, 14109 Berlin
Opening times: April to October: Tuesday - Sunday: 10am. - 5.30pm.


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Please note: Restoration works

The Palace on Peacock Island is closed due to restoration work performed as part of the "Prussian Palaces and Gardens Master Plan". Thank you for your understanding.

Pfaueninsel 1


Pfaueninsel 3

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