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House at Checkpoint Charlie

The Wall Museum - House at Checkpoint Charlie Berlin

Here you can experience Berlin history within your grasp.

The Wall Museum not only reports on the history of the Berlin Wall, but also shows the challenges and experiences of East German refugees in the struggle for their freedom and democracy. You will find some extremely inventive original objects, such as an old Volkswagen with a boot hiding place, a mini submarine, a suitcase that has been pushed together or a hot-air balloon. The Wall Museum is a museum with charm and wit, but above all also for reflection.
Sometimes one is surprised about the inventiveness, but then again almost moved to tears. It makes it a little clearer what people had to experience at that time and what they risked everything to flee. The house at Checkpoint Charlie offers free permanent exhibitions such as "From Gandhi to Walesa", "NATO Mission for Freedom" and "Raoul Wallenberg lives", which look beyond Berlin and Germany. A visit is definitely recommended, but you should take some time to read the many texts, exhibits and stories.

The Wall Museum in Berlin

Location & Sights nearby

Located next to the famous border crossing "Checkpoint Charlie", not far from the Asisi Panorama and the Trabi Museum, the house of the same name is located at Checkpoint Charlie and the Wall Museum. In this environment you have the opportunity to learn all kinds of things about Berlin's history. Not far away, you will also find the topography of terror. If you feel like it, you can also make a detour to the nearby shopping mile Friedrichstraße.



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Brief history of the Wall Museum

Founded in 1963 from Rainer Hildebrandt's private collection, the Wall Museum has probably become the most interesting and credible museum you have ever visited after more than five decades. This is probably because it has grown organically over the last 50 years. Since then, the collection has been continuously expanded, primarily by documenting various failed and failed escape attempts and escape objects of various kinds.

Address, Opening hours...


Address: Haus am Checkpoint Charlie, Mauermuseum, Friedrichstraße 43-45, 10969 Berlin
Opening times: Mon - Sun 9 AM-10 PM
Admission: 14.50 Euro, reduced: 7.50 EUR, students 7-18 years old 9.50 Euro
Public transport: U-Kochstraße/Checkpoint Charlie: U6, U Stadtmitte/Leipziger Straße: U6
Bus: U Stadtmitte/Leipziger Straße: 347

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Listen to stories of tragic and successful escape attempts.
The tour takes you to Mauerpark via the Bernauer Strasse Memorial to the Brandenburg Gate. Learn more about the former border crossings Checkpoint Charlie and Bornholmer Straße. Experience a tour about the history of the Wall in Berlin.

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Starting from Bornholmer Straße, a place steeped in history it was here that the first Berliners from East and West met and rejoiced together on the day the wall fell and the unified German nation was reborn. Walking along the former death strip, you will see traces of the wall, sometimes only detectable by experts. Discover how these traces are being documented and learn the strange history of the cherry trees that grew the length of the wall.

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