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 Listen to music that has no history - The MaerzMusik Festival from 06/03 until 25/03

The MaerzMusik Festival from 20. March until 29. March 2020

This international festival for contemporary music offers a lot of new impressions for your ears.

Emerged from the "Music Biennale", the "MaerzMusik Festival" now takes place every year during the Berliner Festspiele combining modern music with multiple trends and giving new and renowned artists from all over the world the opportunity to participate. Over a period of ten days, numerous concerts, sound installations, performances and premieres will be presented at various venues, including the Haus der Berliner Festspiele, the Philharmonie, HAU Hebbel, Kraftwerk Berlin, and the Liquidrom. The festival contributes to various debates, including immersion, marginalization, racism, homophobia, spirituality or the perception of time. This year's participating artists include Terre Thaemlitz, Ensemble Apartment House, Mark Fell, Salim's Salon, Ashley Fure & Sonar Quartet and The Long Now.

Date, Address & Tickets

When: March 20 - March 29, 2020
Where: several places

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