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Trabi Museum in Berlin

The Trabi Museum in Berlin

The “Trabi” was the most popular vehicle of the GDR. Popular because there was actually not much else available.

80 percent of GDR citizens drove a Trabant. More than three million cars were produced between 1958 and 1991 in Zwickau, Saxon. The Trabant is now part of East German culture and attracts visitors from all over the world. Since 2013, the Trabi Museum, located next to the Panorama Asisi and Checkpoint Charlie, is dedicated to this two-stroker and its history. The museum shows the different stages of development of the cult car, as well as its versatile uses. There are fifteen Trabis of different generations, colors and designs exhibited.
Among them are also special specimens such as military vehicles, jeeps and police cars, as well as rarities such as a Trabant with camping equipment, the fastest, as well as the oldest vehicle, the DKW from the 1930s. In a cinema you also have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge. In exciting short reports, the fans and engineers of the vehicle have their say. By the way, at the car rental company "Trabi World,” right next door, you can sit down behind the steering wheel of an actual Trabi yourself!

Trabi Museum Berlin

Location & Sights nearby

The Trabi Museum is located in the district of Berlin-Mitte at an important historical site. Take enough time with you, because the area around the Trabi Museum is teeming with German history. Right next to the museum is the Panorama Asisi, the BlackBox Cold War and the famous Checkpoint Charlie border crossing. At the end of Kochstraße you will find the topography of terror and a part of the Berlin Wall Memorial. If you are in a good mood, you can also make a detour to the nearby shopping mile Friedrichstraße.



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Address, Opening hours ...

Adress: Zimmerstraße 14, 10969 Berlin
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10am to 6pm
Admission: 5 euros, children under 12 free
Public Transportation: U5 Station: Kochstr./Checkpoint Charlie, Bus: M29, N6 Station: Kochstr./Checkpoint Charlie oder Station: Wilhelmstr./Kochstr.

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Visit the first Trabi Museum in Berlin directly at Checkpoint Charlie and admire the 14 vehicles of all kinds.

Immerse yourself in the history of the Trabant and learn all about this gem of East German auto engineering. Visit the Trabi Museum at Checkpoint Charlie and learn all about the history of these famous two-strokers. See different stages of development of the peoples' car of the former GDR, as well as different uses of the vehicle, such as the camping Trabis and military vehicles.

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Experience a Berlin that no longer exists at THE WALL assis Panoram Berlin.

Visit the Panorama, an artistic representation of life in the shadow of the Berlin Wall. Experience Kreuzberg on a fictitious autumn day in the 1980s.
See the so-called death strips and border towers. On the visitor platform you can learn how banal and how cruel life was in the shadow of the wall.

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