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Visit the Flea market and karaoke in Mauerpark in Berlin
Visit the Flea market and karaoke in Mauerpark in Berlin

Flea market and karaoke in Mauerpark

The Mauerpark is a popular place for boulevard players, recreational footballers, basketball players, jugglers and recreational musicians, especially in summer.

Since the 1990s, Walpurgis Night has been celebrated annually on 30 April with campfires and artistic performances. In recent years, however, there have been repeated violent riots on the outskirts, which are regarded as the prelude to the May riots. North of the Jahnstadion stands the Max-Schmeling Halle, where events take place.
We enjoyed the day there very much, strolling on the big flea market, where you can still find some memorabilia of the times of division and relaxing in the sun. There are 4 or 5 large swings at the top of the embankment next to the Hinterland wall, where you can relax and unwind. Music was also played and karaoke took place again (as on most Sundays) where you could watch or participate. All in all a wonderful Sunday and very recommendable.
Every Sunday one of the best vintage flea markets in Berlin plus karaoke show in the stone circle. Nearby are the coolest second-hand shops and boutiques!

Flea market and karaoke in Mauerpark

Location & Sights nearby

Mauerpark is a public linear park in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg district. It is located at the edge of the Prenzlauer Berg and the Gesundbrunnen in the former West Berlin.
Near the Mauerpark is the old Kulturbrauerei, a restored brewery where you can find everything from cinema and museum to bar and restaurant. The Berlin Wall Memorial is also within walking distance.


Brief history of the Mauerpark

It is hard to believe, when you stand in the Mauerpark today, that the area belonged to the Old Nordbahnhof in the 19th century and was a freight station. The Gleimtunnel is still recognizable today as a railway structure.
The Mauerpark is located between the administrative districts of Wedding and Prenzlauer Berg, which were established in 1920.

The Wedding, which represents the western border of the Mauerpark, belonged to the French sector, while the eastern border, the Prenzlauer Berg, belonged to the Soviet sector. It takes its name from the wall built in 1961 that separated these two parts of the city. The border strip, also known as the death strip, was located on an inclined plain on the steep embankment below the Jahn Stadium, while the flat station area already belonged to West Berlin.

In 1988, East Berlin acquired the eastern half of the railway station site through an exchange of areas. The sector boundary was thus shifted by 50 metres to the west over a distance of one kilometre.  After reunification in 1989/90, the Wall strip on Schwedter Str. was used as a public green space.

In the summer of 1990, watchtowers of the border troops still stood on the embankment, while the area was already regarded as a green bridge between East and West. During this time the project "Mauerpark" was developed. The Hamburg landscape architect Gustav Lange was commissioned with the planning. The construction work for this first part was completed in 1994.

The eastern half of the former track field and the steep slope below the Jahn Stadium with the Hinterlandmauer (Hinterland Wall) belong to the Mauerpark, while the strip of land in the former Wedding district was not included in the redesign. It has been used as a flea market since 2004 and serves some tenants as a warehouse for building materials.

In 2005, an approximately 2 hectare section, with the children's farm "Moritzhof" north of Gleimstraße, was connected to the Mauerpark.

Address, opening hours ...

Address: Eberswalder Straße / Schwedter Straße, 10437 Berlin
Opening times: always open
Connection: U Trainstation Eberswalder Straße (U2), bus: Wolin Straße (247), Demminer Straße (247), U Station Eberswalder Straße (N2), Tram: Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportplatz (M10), Wolin Straße (M10) , Schwedter Straße (12, M1), U Station Eberswalder Straße (12, M1, M10)


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source:  By Ji-Elle (Own work) , via Wikimedia Commons

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Our Berlin tip:

The Berlin Wall, a historical theme of the city. Today it is hard to imagine that a city was once divided by a wall.
Visit the most famous border crossing on this tour. Learn more about border fortifications, tunnels and why it the III. World War almost broke out here. Visit the Berlin Wall Memorial on Bernauer Strasse. The Berlin Wall Memorial is the central memorial to the division of Germany and commemorates the victims of the Berlin Wall.
More information can be found here.

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