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 Berlin cinemas, that are worth visiting! Part 2

Berlin cinemas, that are worth visiting! Part 2

In the first part we introduced the cinema for the girls. Here is the second part of the Berlin cinema-tips.

 Maybe you even find your favorite cinema for the future!

6. Cinema in the “Brotfabrik”

It is perhaps the most unknown cinema on this list but meant especially for the fans of the traditional off-cinema. “Brotfabrik” is located directly between the old districts of Berlin- Pankow, Weißensee and Prenzlauer Berg. It is far away from the touristic area of Berlin, so you can experience different and and authentic side of Berlin. In the 1914 built building has not only a cinema but also a cuddly bar, a film archive, gallery and regular Theatrical performances. The cinema is excellent choice for it´s ambitious program.

Adress: Caligariplatz 1, 13086 Berlin

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7.Cinema Intimes

This small cinema is located in the heart of Friedrichshain and is actually the smallest cinema in Berlin. The cinema Intimes is founded in the 1909 and was called with different name back then: “Light play of the east”. It is an old-school cinema with over 100 year history. The atmosphere of the cinema is very 70-s, so visiting the “Intimes” is like travelling back in time. You can also get cosy while warming yourself up with the fire place in the cinema hall- especially in the winter time.

Adress: Boxhagener Str. 107, 10247 Berlin

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8. Filmrauschpalast

This cinema is located in the culture fabric Moabit and operated voluntarily. The films that are being screened are announced personally and the commercial advertising is waived. The cinema has been converted from the old butcher's. Screenings take place 3 times in a day and once in a month there is a live concert with suitable movie. The program is based mostly on arthouse movies, although now and then they also show blockbuster films. The Filmrauschpalast is the only cinema in Belin that has a curved widescreen. This is a perfect cinema to watch scope films.

Adress: Lehrter Straße 35, 10557 Berlin

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9. Odeon Kino

The Odeon was the first cinema in Berlin and has a special place in the heart of Berlin. It also belongs to the Yorck Cinema group. This is a cinema for someone who likes to watch movies in the original language. The Odeon screens original version of the movies with subtitles already since 1958. The nostalgic neon sign and the program board of the entrance recall a different side of west-Berlin.

Adress: Hauptstraße 116, 10827 Berlin

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10. Cinema Arsenal

This Berlin cinema is one of the many cinemas that screen the Berlinale movies and program cinema of film museum in Potsdamer Platz. The cinema is committed to Film-art and the program consist mostly of series of different topics, that are put toghter with the movies from the archive of German film library. Among them, for instance, sophisticated French movies, films about history of Chinese Cinema and movies of cult director Martin Scorsese (The Aviator, Shutter Island etc.). This cinema is perfect choice for the fans of film library.

Adress: Potsdamer Straße 2; 20785 Berlin

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