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Die besten 4 Grillplätze in Berlin, zum Beispiel auf dem Tempelhofer Feld.

The 4 Best Public Barbecue Areas in Berlin

As soon as it is warm outside, the grill is taken out all over Berlin and delicious food is conjured up on it. The offer ranges from sausages and steak to garlic bread and tomatoes. Fortunately, there are public barbecue areas in Berlin.

If you don't have a garden or balcony or want to have a barbecue with several friends, you can meet in the park. Everywhere in Berlin there are green areas in which barbecues are permitted. You should note that you may only have a barbecue on the designated areas of the facility. If you want to experience the authentic feeling of a Berlin barbecue party, you can simply buy a disposable barbecue grill, get some coal, lighters and off you go to the park. We have selected the four of the best barbecue areas for you!

The Monbijoupark - Barbecue in the hustle and bustle of the city

In Monbijoupark you are not only in the heart of Berlin, but you can also sit right next to the famous Museum Island. From here you have a beautiful view of the Bodemuseum and the New Synagogue Berlin.  Berliners and tourists meet here under old trees to enjoy the wonderful panorama of the Spree in deck chairs. (If you are interested in a Spree tour, check out our Berlin Deals!) On the other side there is a very nice barbecue area where you can set up your own barbecue and eat your food. Those who do not grill can visit one of the restaurants or cafés in the immediate vicinity. Otherwise what you can do there is dancing, basketball or football.


Grillplatz im Monbijoupark
Monbijouplatz 3
10178 Berlin

Görlitzer Park - local recreation area in the trendy district

With two officially designated barbecue areas, the Görlitzer Park, also called "Görli", offers an ideal location for a cosy BBQ, surrounded by a colourful mixed crowd of people. Originally this was the area of the Görlitz railway station, today the Görlitzer Park is the central recreation area in Kreuzberg. If the weather is fine, open air festivals are often held in the “Görli.” If the weather isn't as good as it was forecasted, you can spend your time in the restaurant and jazz bar "Edelweiss". A children's animal farm near Glogauer Straße and a blacklight mini-golf course in the cellar of Café ISA MITZ provide some more entertainment.


Grillplatz im Görlitzer Park
Görlitzer Straße 41
10999 Berlin

Tempelhofer Field - Barbecue at the airport

The former Tempelhof Airport also offers perfect barbecue facilities. There are a total of three barbecue areas, each located at the entrances to the park on Oderstrasse, Columbiadamm and Tempelhofer Damm. For those who like it a little more atmospheric, it is best to find a place at the Neukölln entrance. Here is also the community garden Allmende-Kontor, which we have already mentioned in our blog "5 bizarre places in Berlin". If you have forgotten your barbecue food or do not want to take the time to make your own food, you can visit the beer garden. Families can also play miniature golf here or fly kites on windy days. On one of the three dog playgrounds you can also walk your dog.


Grillplatz auf dem Tempelhofer Feld
Columbiadamm 10
12101 Berlin

Mauerpark - BBQ between karaoke and flea market

Except for the playgrounds, the popular Mauerpark is open for sizzle. The Mauerpark is located between the districts of Wedding and Prenzlauer Berg. Thanks to the flea market and the open-air karaoke in the amphitheatre, you sometimes quickly forget that the Mauerpark is also an ideal park where you can have a picnic in the sun and have a nice barbecue party. If you can't find a nice spot, you can rent a barbecue and coal at the beach bar Schönwetter next door and enjoy the food you brought with you. If you need even more inspiration for the summer weekend in Berlin, have a look at our blog "Interesting tips for enjoying the summer in Berlin"!


Grillplatz im Mauerpark
Bernauer Straße 47
10437 Berlin

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