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For all Eastern-Europe-lovers! - The Tadzhik Tearoom

For all Eastern-Europe-lovers! - The Tadzhik Tearoom

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Hidden in an inner courtyard of the Oranienburgerstraße, this is a sort of insider tip for authentic Russian and Tajik cuisine.

The Tadzhik Tearoom has a long history and has moved several times. But it was able to maintain its unique ambience. Its Tadzhik decorations, large pictures and dark wood ceiling paneling are very colorful and warm, giving the tea room a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. It's like a little world in the middle of Berlin. In oriental tradition you have to take off your shoes before you can sit down at the flat tables. There is a large exotic selection of teas, but do not be afraid of the unknown teas, because the nice service staff will give you expert explanations; so you can learn relaxed and not make a mistake.

The specialty of the house is the tea ceremony for two people, which can be ordered for 8,80 €, and is served in a samovar. It includes a teaspoon, various types of sugar, jam, fondant and rum raisins, and you are served pastries and a vodka. This place will take you to Tajikistan, not only because of the tea and oriental ambience, but also the menu promises traditional Russian and Tajik food. The pelmeni are an absolute recommendation! On top of that, every Monday at 8pm a fabulous tea party is organized. Well-known Berlin narrators read mostly Russian fairy tales and lure their listeners to distant lands. Admission per person for the fairytale hour is 9 €. A unique experience that should not be missed!

Address: Oranienburger Str. 27, 10117 Berlin
Opening hours: Mo - Fr 4pm. - 11pm., Sat and Sun 12am.(noon) - 11pm.


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